Pagosa Weather April ’22 Newsletter

Polar Bear waving thanks from Pagosa Weather!

Big Thank You Waves & Contest Updates

Personal Donations

Special wave to Ed and Krisit Hensle who made a generous donation in March.

What your donation goes towards

Your donations will help us take care of the costs of the web page, weather subscriptions and other business expenses.  Most importantly it will ensure that we will be able to provide this free service for everyone for years to come.  Remember, each donor will receive a Pagosa Weather Snow Depth Measurer (yardstick). 

How to Donate

Desktop: Click on gold “Support Pagosa Weather” in upper right-hand column.  You can choose to donate by PayPal (Send), or you can select Square to donate with a credit card.

Smart Phone: Select upper right hand menu icon (=).  Scroll down to “About Us”, down menu to “Support Pagosa Weather” or find it in the grey area at bottom of page.  You can choose to donate by PayPal (Send), or you can select Square to donate with a credit card.

Donate by Check:  Make the check payable to: Pagosa Weather. Mail to: Pagosa Weather, 135-F Country Center Dr. #142, Pagosa Springs CO 81147

You can pick up your Pagosa Weather Snow Depth Measurer (yardstick) at San Juan Mercantile.  

San Juan Mercantile is a fun store with a wide variety of items. Antiques and Collectibles, tons of Jewelry, Gifts, Handmade Treasures, Knives, Candles, Housewares, Fine Linens, Local Honey, Souvenirs, and Locally made items.  It is at 523 San Juan Street, next to the Barber Shop, across the street from Plaza Liquor.  Thank you, Cindy and Tom for being our store front!

Come out and meet the Pagosa Weather Team: Mark, Shawn, and I plan to be at a few Pagosa markets this summer to meet you personally! We’ll have all the details on that in a few months.

Mark, Shawn and I have been truly touched by the support our followers have shown for us!


We LOVE our Sponsors!  They just amaze us with their support!

Blizzard Level

Ski & Bow Rack

Snowman Level

Jim Smith Realty

Alley House Grille

Terry’s Ace Hardware

Snowball Level

The HUB Bike Shop

Dr. Leo Milner, Chiropractor

Peggy Andrews, Independent Real Estate Broker

Dr. Thompson, Elk Park Animal Hospital

Rosie’s Pizzeria

Our Storm Sponsor

The Springs Resort

The Springs Resort also purchased a few weather sensors for Pagosa Weather this month.  Those weather stations are giving us valuable information in data sparse areas.  The Springs will have their own weather sensor set up soon.  We look forward to finally having data from downtown!  Thank you, Jesse, TJ, and the rest of the team at The Springs Resort.

Brought to you by the Springs Resort 1

Contest Updates

Special Thanks to all the businesses that have stepped forward to sponsor our weather contests. They are a lot of fun!

We had a winner in our Weather contest for the year’s first thunderstorm on March 29th .  The winner of the $50 gift certificate to Chow Down Pet Supply was Cynthia Goodwin! Cynthia was off by 23 hours and 9 minutes.  Huge thanks to Kristi and the entire team at Chow Down Pet Supply for sponsoring this weather contest for the $50 gift certificate to Pagosa Weather’s favorite pet store!

Upcoming Contests

Hot Air Balloon RelatedMay 15, 2022Rocky Mountain Balloon Adventures
Monsoon Season RainJun 1, 2022Ski & Bow Rack
First Inch of SnowAug 15, 2022Chow Down Pet Supply
Color Fest RelatedSep 1, 2022The Springs Resort
First 2 feet of SnowOct 15, 2022Lynn Guthrie, Hair Stylist
Wolf Creek Season SnowNov 1, 2022Ski & Bow Rack

Contest Update! How much snow will Wolf Creek end up with?

The year to date snowfall at Wolf Creek currently is 377″. The average at this time of the year is 384″ of snow. Wolf Creek is doing very well for a La’ Nina year! Here is the list of folks that are still in the running to win a $50 gift certificate from SKI & BOW RACK, our blizzard level sponsor!!! In addition, Ski & Bow Rack has offered HATS for the next closest guesses!

Huge thanks to Brittany, Robert, and the entire team at Ski & Bow Rack. 

Ski and Bow Rack

Note: Wolf Creek will be open till April 17th this year.

377” Simmie E. Rose

378” Ryan O

381″ Jim Laffey

387” Phil Slusher 

390” Audrey K Bliss

391” Edwin R Hensle

399” Kirsten Derr

401” Bob Ashmore

403” Starla Pribble

404” Roxanna Wise 

409” Dustan Mattingly

412” Sandra Meyn Thoma 

413” Linda Lutomski

415” Casey Fisher

416” James Martinez

420” Candace Greaser

421” Dave Stimpson

422″ Musetta Wollenweber

436” Juanito Talamante

450” Hillary Fredrickson

474” Jeff Bentley

Contest Update: The Last Hard Freeze

Forecast the date and time of the LAST occurrence of 28oF at the Archuleta County Airport Stevens Field. The person with the closest guess will win a gift basket valued at more then $50 from the Choke Cherry Tree!

The Pagosa Weather Team will determine when the last hard freeze has occurred.   We’ll wait till the 1st of July since hard freezes have been known to happen in June. 

Special thanks to Jenelle, Patty, and the entire Choke Cherry Tree team for their support.

Branch with Cherries

The following folks are in the running for a gift basket from the Choke Cherry:

Linda Carroll March, 31 at 4:00AM

Susan Zoerb  April 6, 2:59 am.

Sandy Freeman April 8 @ 5:00am

Eileen Martin April 10th 5:30AM

Michelle Juneau: April 12 3am

Rob Barlow  April 13th, 5:45am

Janine Emmets  April 15th 5am

Debra Priest Wallen April 20, 3:00am

Chris Porter: April 20, 6am

Ed: April 21 at 5AM

Carol A. Myerscough-Schilf  April 22nd, 5am

Emily Green 4/24/22 5:35am

Nancy Lynn Carey  April 25, 2021 @ 3:45am

Sandy Isaacson  April 26, 6:31am

Simmie E. Rose April 27th 6am

Sandi Dillon  April 28, 3 am

Linda Espinosa: April 28 at 4am

Jim Laffey: April 29 at 4am

Lisa:April 30th at 5:30 am

Danielle Thomas  May 2 @ 515 am

Irene Hamburg Mueller  May 3 5 am

Greg  May 7, 2022, 430 am

Susanne Olson  May 11, 4:30am

Roxanna Wise May 14th 1:40 a.m.

Christian Pantin  May 15 @ 0530

Tomi Bliss May 17th at 3:20 am

Nathanael Ward  May 17, 4am

Brian Austin: May 17 at 4:40am

Leo Milner May 18th 6:30 am

Sandra Meyn Thoma May 19, 5:30am

Stacey: May 20th @ 4:42 am

Debbie Fultz  May 20, 5 am

Tina Barnes Jones  May 20 6 am

Brianna Webster  May 23 at 4:30am

Ellen Clark Schmidt May 23, 5:21am

Wendy Burton  May 26, 5:30am

Ron Olding May 27 4:30 am

Sandy Wallek Stewart  May 27, 6 am

Penny Kipley: May 28 at 5 am

Musetta Wollenweber  May 28, 5:26 a.m.

Rick Holter  May 28, 6:45 a.m

Starla Pribble  May 31, 6:00 am

Sharilyn Knox June 1, 5:12 am

Cheri Maxwell  June 2nd, 4:52 am

Nancy Green  June 2, 6am

Phil Slusher  June 3, 6:32 am

Randy Hays  June 8, 1:30 am

Bee’sKnees Pigmentation  June 6, 4:46am

Steve Voorhis  June 10, 6:00am.

Jan Powers  June 12, 5 am

Cherese Bergman  June 15th 632 AM

Al Pfister: June 16 4am

Debbie Gunkelman  June 16th, 5am

Scott Maxwell  June 18th, 5:30 am

Contest Update: 75 Degrees!

Forecast the date and time that the Pagosa Airfield hits 75 degrees Fahrenheit this year. The person with the closest guess will win a $25 gift certificate for the SAGE Eatery at their new location!  Thanks to Liz & Taylor & the team at the Sage Eatery for sponsoring this contest.  We had a record number of guesses.  So either folks are excited about warmer temperatures or excited about a Sage burger!

Green sign for the Sage

The following folks are in the running for when the Pagosa Airfield hits 75 degrees.

Tom Harrison says: April 2nd, 2:38 PM

Johnathan Daniel Cannon April 5th at 1pm

Cheri Maxwell April 5, 2:45 pm

Kelly Cusack says: April 5th @ 4:42 pm

Amy Shepherd April 8, 1:25pm

Lori Alsfeld Lucero April 8, 2:22 pm

Lawrence Martinez April 8 th @ 2:56

Pamela Knoche says: April 10th, 2022 at 1:47pm

Rick Holter says: April 12, 3:05 pm

Sharilyn says: April 13 at 3:27 pm

Chelsea Leigh Joy April 14th at 2:15PM

Starla Pribble April 15th at 3 pm

Ed says: April 15 3pm

Jim Laffey says: April 15 3pm

Kelly Tribelhorn April 16th, 1:36pm

Kim Martinez April 16 th @ 3:33PM

Bob Ashmore April 16, 4:33 pm

Missy Losee April 17th 2pm

Bryce Baca April 18 2:00pm

Shaylah Nicole Lucero April 18th 2:08 PM

Art Wilson April 18, 3:45 pm

Charles A Randour says: April 18 at 5:00pm

Terri Lynn Grosh April 19, 2:51pm

Sandi Dillon April 19 at 3 pm

MZ says: April 19, 3:45 PM

Stephen Nordlund April 20th 1p

Kelly Fitzpatrick Prudhomme April 20, 2022 at 2:36pm

Nathanael Ward April 20 3pm

Sandy Freeman says: April 20 at 4:00 pm

Craig Butler April 20th 4:20PM

Bob says: Earth Day, high noon

Jesse Beach April 22, 4:00 pm.

Cheto Matthew Chavez April 24th 2:43 pm

Gerilyn Kruthaupt April 23rd 2:23pm

Robin Davis April 23, 4:15

Michael Hughes April 25th at 1 pm

Linda Marblestone April 25. 2:30pm

Brianna Webster April 26th 2:34pm

Mike Hayward says: April 26 3pm

Nikki Adams Taylor April 28th at 2:47pm

Diane Condon Teachworth April 29th 2:34

Donna Muir April 29 2:43pm

Janine Emmets April 29, 3:00pm

Wendy Burton April 29th 3:33pm

Ashley Lord-Carnley April 30 , 12:05

Kathleen Lutz McFadden April 30th 1:13pm

David L Hansen says: My birthday April 30th 4pm

Aimee Melendy May 1st 2:10pm

Alan Simoncic says: 1 May 22 at 2:30 pm

Audrey Bliss May 2nd. 1:45 pm

Beverly Goshern May 2nd at 2:38pm

Brittany Bedtke May 3rd 12:30pm

Kris Wolverton May 3, 12:32p

Nancy Green says: May 3, 1:10pm!

Al Pfister says: May 3 at 3:03

Stacey says: May 3rd @ 3:05 pm

Carla Fisk May 4th 12:36 pm

Beth Envani says: May 4th @ 1:42pm

Isabel Webster: May 4, 2022 @ 2:00

Christian Pantin May 4 2:44

Tonya Perry-Roberts May 4, 2022 at 4:44pm

Brittiany Newsome May 5th 2:00pm

Kay Reed May 5th 3:35pm

Michelle Juneau says: May 5th 3:45pm

Dena Laterza May 5th 4pm

Sarah Ruyle Daulton May 6 at 1:36pm

Musetta Wollenweber May 6th 2:22 p.m.

Gale Amyx says: May 6, 2022, 2:30 pm

Ilene Gauger May 7 at 2:48 pm

Lynn Sauer Robinson May 7, 2:55 pm

Susan Zoerb says: May 7 @ 3:33 pm!

Frank Snyder says: 75 F at 4:00 pm on May 7

Donna Rudford May 8th 12:00

Diane Mcclelland May 8th 3pm

Shane Durham May 10th at 2:45 pm

Jean Gibbons-Sinkey May 10th 3:27pm

Neil Umali May 11; 1pm

Lisa Piatanesi May 11 at 2:00pm

Carol A. Myerscough-Schilf May 12th at 3pm

Skyler McIver May 12 – 4pm

Casey Fisher May 13th 1:30 pm

Peggy Pike May 13th, 3p

Kelly Bicknell May 13, 3:30 PM

Pamela Sutphen May 13th 444pm

Conner Linton May 15th 1:15PM

Cynthia Goodwin May 15 2022 @230pm

Sara Lewis Collabolletta May 15th, 2:33 pm

Shannon Stanley Reiswig May 15th 3:33 pm

Justin Treptow May 16th 1pm

Matt Spencer May 16th 1:35pm

Brent Wallace MAY 17th, 1:43pm

Irene Hamburg Mueller May 18 3 pm

Warren Brown May 18, 2022 @ 3:19 pm.

Molly Sprowle May 18 3:22 pm

James De Piazza May 19th 3:43.

Eileen Martin May 20th 1pm

Bria Freeman May 20th 1:23pm

Lisa Chase May 20th 2:30

Luke And Katrina Brinton May 21st. 1:21pm

Margaret Ferrell says: May 21, 2022 at 3 pm

Jan Powers May 23, 3 pm

Barbara Swindlehurst May 25th @ 2:50 pm

Jennette Martinez May 26 2:10 pm

Krissy Gardikis May 28th @ 1:25pm.

Diane Steve Horton May 28 @ 2:48pm

Noreen Griego May 28th 3:00 pm

Frances Belarde says: May 28 3:00pm

Phil Slusher May 29th 2:49 pm

Jeff Stuckwish May 29th 3:00 pm

Nancy Lynn Carey says: May 31 @ 1:50 pm

Amanda Pedlow Baker May 31st at 3pm

Angelina Garcia says: June 1, 2022 @1:22p m

Ellen Schmidt says: June 1, 2:55pm

Diane Marquardt June 1, 3:25 pm

Sidelia Villareal June 3, 2pm

Beth Wallis Terry June 3 2:30pm

Tomi Bliss  June 5th @ 2:37 pm

Sherry Livingston June 5th@ 4:20pm

Roxanna Wise June 6th 2:22 p.m.

Susanne Olson June 6 at 1:17PM

Barb Ferrell says: June 6th. 1:57 pm

Kristin Baird June 7th at 4:30pm

Aly Shanks says: 6th June 3.30pm

Jason Theis june10th 2pm

Barbara Clabaugh Pugh June 14; 3 pm

Katelyn Lopez June 16th at 12pm

Joni Martin Shirk June 17, 2 p.m.

Barb Biddick July 5 @ 5:15pm

Pagosa Weather Blizzard Level Sponsor

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I grew up in Montana where my love of the mountains is rooted. I was in the Air Force, forecasting aviation weather, for 24 years. I had eight assignments and my favorites were Colorado, Alaska, Korea, and Germany. I deployed a number of times including to Iraq and Afghanistan. After RV traveling for nine years, we found paradise in Pagosa. Here we enjoy playing outside in the spectacular San Juan mountains!
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