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Your generosity helps offset some of our website costs and weather subscription expenses. This will ensure that we will be able to provide you weather forecasts for Pagosa Country for years to come.
Arleen & Shawn, the Pagosa Weather Team

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2024 Donations

Kyle Beasley

Andy Byra
Marshall Clayshulte

Jackie & Bart Cox

Sandra & Darin Dillon

Ed Hensle &  Kristi Nolan

Rick Holter

Matthew B Janney

Candace & Roy Jones

Catherine LaCrosse

Linda Espinosa & Jim Laffey

John Maloney

Colette & Mikeal Maune

Angie & Rich McGuire

Connie Mentemeier

William R. Moore

Ruby Osberg

Ernest O’Toole

Barbara Pugh

Kevin Ridley

Eugene Roseth

Carole & Steve Scott

Patrice Spindler

Howard K Stralendorf

Peggy Sherrill

Donna & Carl Thornbrue

Jennifer Yurechko

2023 Donations

A Cut Below Lawn Care

Jennifer Aherns

James Baxter

Kyle Beasley
Carol Bowden
Susan Buchne
Marshall Clayshulte

Lori Cruser
Ken Daniels
Lori & Paul Davenport

Nancy Dennis

Sandra & Darin Dillon
Doug’s View Photography

Mary Ann Durham

Susan & Dean Dussell
David Duquemin
Kristin & Chuck Duvall
Tina Edwards
Jean Eilek
Sue Fischer

Chris Johnson

Cheryl Flynn & Laura Metallo

Lisa Gamber
Valarie Groves
Kristi & Ed Hensle
Chris Johnson
Linda Espinosa & Jim Laffey

Patty Latham

Karen LeCour

Vickie Lens

Paula Lindner

Tom & Vicki Mallary

Mr. & Mrs. McGuire

Jennifer & Ron Montoya

Ruby Osberg

Ernie O’Toole

Carol Peterson

Bobby Phillips

R H Potenz

Barbara & Ken Pugh

David Robb

Carole & Steve Scott

Steve Sherr

Phil Slusher

H K Strahlendorf

Lana & Toby Summers

Beck & Bill Todd

Brady Turner

Steve Trammel

Margaret Wempe

Linda Williams

Sherman Wyman

Nancy & Craig Vogt

2022 Donations

Brian Austin

Melinda & Robert Barlow
Edie Brogan

Sue & Andy Butler
Keena & Todd Carstensen
Marshall Clayshulte
Barbara Dickson
Sharon Dickson

Venita Durrer

Hillary & Rob Fredrickson
W C Fuller
Marilyn Harris
Tom Harrison
Ed Hensle 

Rick Holter

Alice Keil
Jim Laffey

Levine Family Charitable Foundation

Kandi Meisinger
Connie Mentemeir

Carol Peterson
Rica Potenz
Janice Powers

Barbara Pugh

Edward Roberts

Janice Roedel

Frank Snyder
Alan Simoncic

Holly Sodolak

Lana & Toby Summers
Lisa & Joe Tedder

Brady Turner
Nancy & Craig Vogt

Blair Watson
Margaret Wempe
Linda Williams
Kathleen & Art Wilson
Stephanie Wilson

Alice Woodall
Bill Woods

2021 Donations

Peggy Andrews
Melinda & Rob Barlow
Susan Berke
Donald Biddick
Becca & Steve Bilello
Jim Bodoh
Carol Bowden
Keena & Todd Carstensen  
Nanette Cheffers
Pat & John Combes
Ken Daniels
Arthur Dilione
Roslyn Earle
Casey & Sarah Fisher
Mary Fox
Lisa Gamber
The Rowdy Girl
Marilyn Harris
Tom Harrison
Rick Holter
Pattye Holton
andace Jones
Indy & Ken Kaaz
David Knapp
Barry Knott
Jim Laffey
May Latson
Suellen Loher
Livia & Bob Lynch
John Mancuso
Vicki McBride
Kathleen McFadden
Richard Miller
Rick & Debbie Moore
John Mosher
David Okeefe
Ronald Olding
Steven Orr
Carol Ann Peterson
Bobby Phillips
John Porco
Jan & Robert Powers
Records Management Group
Sarah & Chuck Riehm
David A Robb
Edward Roberts
Janice Roedel
Pagosa Drone Productions
  – Dan Rosenblatt

Nancy Seay
Robbie Schwartz
Aly & Buddy Shanks
Phillip Slusher
Stephanie Smith
Frank & Dana Snyder
Mary Lou Sprowle
Arlie & Brian Swett
Laurie & Steve Taub
Lisa & Joe Tedder 
Lisa & Andrew Thomas
Stephen Trammel
Sherry Vanatta
Nancy & Craig Vogt
Jackie White
Stephanie Wilson
Jeff Witten
Musetta & Dan Wollenweber
Laura & Mike Young
Michael Zeck
Becky Ziminsky

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