Pagosa Area Current Weather Observations

Current and recent weather data are vital to forecasting. 

To figure out the future, we must understand what happened recently and what is happening now.  We continuously look at this data:
Surface weather observations. This includes sensors at airfields, along roads, and people’s backyards.  Below are good sources for government data and personal data.
Satellite is invaluable!  The high resolution images available nearly every five minutes are a HUGE technological improvement and immensely helpful.
Radar is critical, especially for near-term features.  In our area as of spring 2021, radar only detects precipitation that is over 25,000ft high.  Thankfully a new radar is supposed to be installed south of Durango that should plug the Four Corners data gap!
Meanwhile in Colorado graphic

NWS Weather and Hazards Data Viewer

Opens on Archuleta County. 

Meso West

Opens with NWS observations in Colorado. To see more data zoom into the Archuleta County area then use the drop-down menu called “Network” and select “All Networks” and then “Refresh Map”. To change the data that is displayed use the drop-down menus titled “Overlay 1” and “Overlay 2.”

Colorado Avalanche Information Center Weather Stations

Data in tables organized by mountain areas. Lots of good data in one user-friendly display.

CoCoRaHS Interactive Map

Opens on Archuleta County but must be changed to current date under “Map Options.” These are daily precip reports from trained NWS volunteers.

CoCoRaHS Map

Opens on “new snow” for the entire the US. To zoom in click on Colorado and then click on Archuleta County. Use drop-down menus to change data.

NWS Quantitative Precipitation Estimates

Opens on Archuleta and surrounding counties. Estimated daily precip updated before noon each day.

NWS 24-Hour Precipitation

Opens on Archuleta and surrounding counties. Data can be changed with drop-down menus on the right.

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