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Pagosa Weather your local weather source! 

Pagosa Weather focuses on Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County!  Archuleta County is far removed from robust weather coverage, so we provide short- and long-range weather forecasts with graphics and tailored explanations of our weather for Pagosa, Wolf Creek, and the nearby mountains.  We also provide reports on snowpack, drought conditions, El Nino/La Nina, and other weather-related phenomena that impact Archuleta County.

The Pagosa Weather Team also provides in-person weather presentations for local groups, agencies, schools, and businesses.  We discuss area climatology, seasonal expectations, forecast process, measuring snow, general weather science, aviation weather, etc.

Pagosa Weather is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As a donor or a sponsor, you can help cover our costs.

– Donate – Individuals can DONATE anytime online via PayPal or Square.

Sponsors get lots of local exposure!   We have over 9,000 followers on Facebook.   We send out almost 900 emails a day with direct links to our web posts.  Our web page is up to over 1,500 views a day, depending on the weather.

–  Businesses, groups, or individuals can sponsor Pagosa Weather at these Levels:

— Snowball – $50/month

— Snowman – $100/month

— Blizzard – Unlimited   


  1. A “Thank You” post dedicated to your business.
  2. Your logo included in our Facebook posts and our daily forecasts.
  3. A monthly “Thank You” post in our newsletter to all our sponsors.
  4. Your logo and link will be featured on our sponsor page on the web site.
  5. Weather Contest Sponsor!  You are given the option to sponsor one of our weather contests.

* Your contributions may qualify as tax-exempt donations under 501(c)(3) *

A HUGE THANKS from Pagosa Weather

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