4 inches of snow

Our 4 inches of snow near the Coyote Loop Trail was gone about two hours after I took this photo…but not the 0.40 inches of liquid!

4-27-21: 7pm quick update: Thanks to no internet, mobile or land line, doing updates was a little challenging!

We had 4 inches of snow this morning at our place about a mile north of Hatcher Lake. I have seen reports of 6 inches in the Wildflower area. By this afternoon, all I have to prove we got the snow is images I took right after it stopped!

There will be a lull tonight, then a chance for more snow, rain, Graupel and thunderstorms tomorrow. If we still have internet tomorrow I will have a complete post in the morning.

Lettuce snow how much you got today!

-Mark Langford

And so it begins….

We’ve got light snow falling at our place about a mile north of Hatcher Lake at 7am this morning

4-27-20: Quick Update: Moisture is starting to flow into our area.

Screenshot 2021 04 27 071604
Snow is falling at Wolf Creek Pass at 7am…looks like they may have picked up an inch so far.
Screenshot 2021 04 27 070744
Some light rain is falling downtown as of 7am. Photo courtesy of Jim Smith Realty

Our best chance for precipitation will be today in the form of snow, rain, Graupel and small hail as the trough to our west and closed low get closer. There is also a chance for some thunderstorms this afternoon. Precipitation will slow down tonight, then come back again on Wednesday with more scattered showers before the trough moves through.

Screenshot 2021 04 27 073633
Mid level water vapor imagery from this morning shows a closed low to our west. This low and the trough will move towards us today.

I’ll have a more complete post this afternoon…please let us know what is happening at your home and where!

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  1. We got 6” on Jacobson Hill by noon today. Couldn’t report because internet and Verizon was out all day!!

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