Contest! How much snow will Wolf Creek end up with?

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Wolf Creek’s official closing was today (Extended weekends are weather dependent).

Wolf Creek’s year-to-date snowfall total to 362″!

And the winner with 361″ is…..

Lana Jorgensen!!!

Lana, stop by Ooh La La and see Natalie, Trisha or Alexa to get your gift certificate!

Thanks to everyone for playing. We’ll start another contest tomorrow. Look for all the details tomorrow evening! We’re still waiting on a 75 degree high temperature for a gift certificate to the Neon Mallard.

  • Arleen


Saturday – 20 Mar 2021 – 4:00pm

Wolf Creek reported today that they have had 330″ of snow so far this year. How much more snow will they get this year? Wolf Creek historically closes their normal season the first weekend in April. That would give us another two weeks for the snow to accumulate. They have not made an official announcement yet.

During the next two weeks, another 20 to 40 inches of snow could accumulate. Potential winners of the Ooh-La-La gift certificate are bolded on the list below.

Jeff Witten                              330”

Becca Marie                            335″

Robyn Schulze                        342″

Nancy McGrath Rea               345”

Kay Reed                                351”

Nancy Green                           352″

Nathanael Ward                      357″

Lana Jorgensen                       361″

Lisa Ellen Gamber                  365″

Terry Arrington                       366″

Debbi Plemons                       367”

Daniel L Boehm                    368”

Brittany Bedtke                      369”

Becky Condon Jacobson        370”

 Simmie E. Rose                372″

Mireya Rios-Salas                   375”

Kimberly Mull             378″

Beverly Sondag                      382″

Julie August                           383″

Bill Hesselbach                    384”

Marie Humenczuk                388″

Lisa Piatanesi                          389″

Martha Vitale Ball                  390

Jeremy Kinder                         392”

 Phil Slusher                            393″

Lucinda Tagliareni                  395

Nancie Reed Drape                 396″

Glenda McDowell                  399″

Sandra Kay Dover Behr         400″

Marianne Carroll                     401″

Cindy Davis                            402”

Steve Earle                              407”

SD N JM Bear                          409″

Terry Schaaf                            410″

Justin Frie                                412″

Terrie Blau Fisher                    415″

Roxanna Wise                         420″

Ann Lambert Martin               421”

Dave Stimpson                        426″

Lisa Thomas                            430”

Haley Adkins                          431”

Bill Milner                               442″

Lynda Ullrich-Grisetti             444”

Debbie Whitehead-Goodrich  450

Chris Flihan                             459″

Katie Mae Blue                       478

We have not had a system that has really been a SURPRISE and over performed this year. Let’s hope the last storms of the year do just that!

  • Arleen

Wednesday – 13 Jan 2021 – 9:10am

For funsies and to promote local businesses, Pagosa Weather is doing another weather contest.

The contest and prize…

Forecast the Total Seasonal Snowfall for Wolf Creek Ski Area on their final day of normal operation.  The person with the closest guess will win a $25 gift certificate for OOH LA LA SPA & SALON!

“Ooh La La is happy to be celebrating our 7th year in business! Natalie, Trisha and Alexa – all locals – have been the original 3 from the start. We offer nail, hair and facial waxing services. Come in and say hi!” –

As of 13 Jan 2021, Wolf Creek has measured 165” so far this winter.  Their average is 430”.  Their final day of normal operation is expected to be in early April 2021.

The rules…

– Each person can make one guess in the comments of this post

– The guess must include amount of snow in total inches – Example: 377”

– Multiple same guesses will go to the first person with that guess

– A total amount in the middle of two guesses will go the first person that guessed

– No more guesses after Saturday, 16 Jan 2021 at 11:59pm

– We will coordinate with the winner how to collect the prize.

– The Pagosa Weather team is excluded – sorry Mark!


– We will use the “Snowfall YTD” on Wolf Creek’s web page on their final day of normal operation.

Let’s have fun and support our local businesses!

– Arleen


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Arleen Pro

I grew up in Montana where my love of the mountains is rooted. I was in the Air Force, forecasting aviation weather, for 24 years. I had eight assignments and my favorites were Colorado, Alaska, Korea, and Germany. I deployed a number of times including to Iraq and Afghanistan. After RV traveling for nine years, we found paradise in Pagosa. Here we enjoy playing outside in the spectacular San Juan mountains!
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