Come out & meet the Pagosa Weather Team!

Pagosa Weather Team

Arleen, Shawn & Mark will be doing a few presentations in the next week & a “Meet & Greet”!

Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library

Pagosa Weather is doing a presentation at the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library tomorrow, Thursday, May 26th at 6pm.  We’ll talk about the roots of Pagosa Weather, the need for Pagosa Weather, and the tools that are available for you on our web page. In addition, we’ll discuss this past winter. Finally, we’ll take a look at the monsoon outlook forecast. We’d love to meet you and answer questions!

Ski & Bow Rack – Our Blizzard Sponsor

Pagosa Weather will be at Ski & Bow Rack for a “Meet and Greet” booth on Friday, May 27th from noon to 4pm. We’ll be there meet you and answer your questions. In addition, we’ll have information on the CoCoRaHS program. Arleen & Shawn are now the Archuleta County CoCoRaHS coordinators. Also, we’ll have the rulers and the yardsticks with us. If you haven’t picked yours up yet, here is your opportunity! (see lists below)

Finally, if you come out to meet us and make a $10 donation, we’ll give you one of our Pagosa Weather yards sticks!

San Juan Outdoor Club’s June meeting: Thursday, June 2nd

“San Juan Outdoor Club Monthly Meeting, 6pm, PLPOA Clubhouse: We have resumed our monthly meetings. June’s presentation will be “The Monsoon in the Southern San Juan’s” by Arleen Prochazka. Arleen, along with her husband Shawn and Mark Langford, run Pagosa Weather providing weather information and the best forecasts for our area. Meetings are held at the PLPOA clubhouse, 230 Port Avenue, and start at 6:00 pm with a social hour and the presentation following. The public is welcome and light refreshments are provided.”

This will be an in depth look at what the ingredients are for the North American Monsoon and what indicators we examine for determining what sort of monsoon we will have. Finally, we’ll review lightening safety.

Ruler List

If you do not want a ruler or have already picked it up, just let me know. If you cannot make it out on Friday, you can pick it up at the San Juan Mercantile next week. Thank you so much to everyone here who has made donations to us!

Rob Barlow

Donald Biddick

Carol Bowden

Pat & John Combes

Arthur Dilone

Casey & Sarah Fisher

Mary Fox

Tom Harrison

Candace Jones

David Knapp

Barry Knott

John Mancuso

Kathleen McFadden

Richard Miller

David OKeefe

Ronald Olding

Carol Ann Peterson

John Porco

Jan & Robert Powers

Records Management Group

Sarah & Chuck Riehm

Edward Roberts

Pagosa Drone Productions

– Dan Rosenblatt

The Rowdy Girl

Robbie Schwartz

Stephanie Smith

Andrew & Lisa Thomas  

Stephen Trammel             

Stephanie Wilson

Dan & Musetta Wollenweber

Michael Zeck

Yardstick List

If you do not want a yardstick or have already picked it up, just let me know. If you cannot make it out on Friday, you can pick it up at the San Juan Mercantile next week. Thank you so much to everyone here who has made donations to us!

Brian Austin

Robert Barlow

Susan Berke

Marshall Clayshulte

Ken Daniels

Sharon Dickson

Roslyn Earle

Rowdy Girl

Marilyn Harris

Tom Harrison

May Latson

Suellen Loher

Janice Powers

David A Robb

Janice Roedel

Steven Orr

Frank or Dana Snyder

Jackie White

Stephanie Wilson

Becky Ziminsky

Pagosa Weather Blizzard Level Sponsor

Pagosa Weather Storm Sponsor

Picture of Arleen Pro

Arleen Pro

I grew up in Montana where my love of the mountains is rooted. I was in the Air Force, forecasting aviation weather, for 24 years. I had eight assignments and my favorites were Colorado, Alaska, Korea, and Germany. I deployed a number of times including to Iraq and Afghanistan. After RV traveling for nine years, we found paradise in Pagosa. Here we enjoy playing outside in the spectacular San Juan mountains!
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