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Downtown Pagosa Springs

Above photo of downtown Pagosa Springs taken at 1:30pm. Courtesy of Jim Smith Realty

3-26-21: 1:30pm Update….

Here are some snow totals from Archuleta County:

...Archuleta County...
Pagosa Springs 8.5 WNW       8.7 in    0800 AM 03/26                        
Chimney Rock 3N              7.2 in    0800 AM 03/26   7150                 
Pagosa Springs 7.2 NW        7.0 in    0700 AM 03/26   8087                 
5 W Pagosa Springs           7.0 in    0720 AM 03/26   7487                 
Pagosa Springs 3.2 W         6.2 in    0800 AM 03/26                        
4 WSW Pagosa Springs         5.0 in    0937 AM 03/26   7505                 
Pagosa Springs 4.7 E         3.0 in    0800 AM 03/26   7498                 
Pagosa Springs 1.6SSW        2.9 in    0800 AM 03/26   7400                 
Pagosa Springs 9.5 SSE       2.8 in    0544 AM 03/26   7090                 
Pagosa Springs 5.8 SSE       1.5 in    0700 AM 03/26   7244       

We are in a bit of a lull at the moment and there are already some breaks in the clouds, but there will be more snow later this afternoon and evening as the upper level low continues to track our direction. This low is causing convection in the upper atmosphere which will lead to the possibility for some thunder snow later today, along with some brief gusty winds and some occasional quick bursts of heavy snow. With the sun coming out between the showers, there will be little to no accumulation in the valley until after sunset. At this time it looks like another 1-2 inches of snow is possible for the valley and 2-4 inches for the mountains before this system moves through around midnight. Wolf Creek Ski area received 16 inches over the past 24hrs and 30 inches in the past 7 days. Their YTD snow total is 361 inches.

Screenshot 2021 03 26 075712 1
Our upper level low will fire up some more snow showers this afternoon and possibly some thunder snow!
165067920 2624213774549424 5076180034589171982 n
Shawn having some fun at Wolf Creek today!

Once this system moves through, look for a sunny and warming weekend with lows in the teens and highs in the 40’s for Saturday and 50’s for Sunday. 1 1

The latest 6-10 NWS forecast is looking about normal for our temperatures and unfortunately drier than normal, but with this great snow behind us, I don’t think many will be complaining.

-Mark Langford

Average HighRecord High/YearAverage LowRecord Low/Year
Pagosa Springs Climate Info for 3-26-21

3-26-21: 8am quick snow update…15 inches of fresh powder overnight for Wolf Creek ski area and a two day total of 19 inches! At our home about a mile north of Hatcher Lake, we got around 7 inches of snow with a liquid equivalent of 0.53 inches.

camera 1
Current road cam image of Wolf Creek Pass
Screenshot 2021 03 26 075712
A low pressure over central Utah is tracking east and will give us more snow today.

A low pressure over central Utah will track to the east during the day giving us a continued chance for more snow and potentially some thundersnow. The snow showers should end by tonight. With some breaks in cloud cover this afternoon, there won’t be much if any accumulation of snow once we get past noon in the valley, but that will not be the case for the mountains.

The sun returns on Saturday and a whole lot of melting will be happening over the weekend as temperatures hit the 50’s by Sunday.

How much snow fell on your backyard and where is your location?

-Mark Langford

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6 Responses

  1. Yes, it’s still snowing @ Oak Hill, 8K, it really hasn’t stopped since Tuesday afternoon. Even when the sun came out yesterday for 33 seconds, it still snowed! Overnight about 7″ give or take. Snow on ground back to early Feb. levels
    As always, THANKS for the real weather reports, Richard

  2. 8.7 beautiful inches north in O’Neal Park. That melted to .76” water equivalent. Great post Mark! Looking forward to seeing how much more Wolf Creek gets today!

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