Contest – When will Stevens Field drop below 0F?

Thursday – 3 Dec 2020 – 1:30pm

For funsies and to promote one of our favorite local businesses, Pagosa Weather is doing a contest.

The contest and prize…

Forecast the date and time Stevens Field first drops below zero degrees (Fahrenheit).  The person with the closest guess will get a $25 gift certificate for ROSIE’S PIZZARIA!

The rules…

– Each person can make one guess in the comments of this post

– The guess must include a date and time – example 4 Dec at 6:35am

– Multiple same guesses will go to the first person with that guess – recommend to look at the other guesses first

– If there is a tie, the winner will be the first one that posted their guess in the comments

– No more guesses after Saturday, 5 Dec 2020 at 11:59pm

– We will use the following source to verify temperature, date, and time.  Note that data is reported in 20 minute increments at 15, 35, and 55 after each hour.


– We will provide the fine folks at Rossie’s Pizzeria the winner’s name.  Let them know you’re the Pagosa Weather contest winner when you order or pick up your order.

– The Pagosa Weather team is excluded – sorry Mark!

We’ll do more contests if this one goes well.  Let’s have fun and support our local businesses!

– Shawn

UPDATE Wednesday – 16 Dec 2020 – 9:40am

And the contest winner is…..

Congratulations Nikolet Lenhert! You have won a $25 gift certificate for some super yummy Rosie’s pizza for guessing the closest time that the airfield would drop below 0F! We’ll send you a personal message about how to claim your prize.

For the second time the airfield temperature and dew point stopped reporting again last night. So the Pagosa Weather team looked at other nearby data back to 13 December to determine temps and times. We are confident that the airfield did not get below zero until 2:30am this morning, 16 Dec 2020. Nikolet’s guess of 16 Dec at 7:45pm was closer than Roslyn’s guess of 15 Dec at 6am.

Thanks to everyone who participated! We hope to come up with another contest soon.

– Shawn

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Shawn Pro

I’ve been a “weather geek” since I was young child. I joined the military out of high school and was lucky to get my dream job in weather. I have 20 years of military weather experience which includes forecasting the weather all over the world. Highlights were six years in Alaska and making life and death weather decisions during deployments. I love mountains, I love snow, and I love summertime thunderstorms. I spend a bunch of time playing outdoors and found my paradise in Pagosa Springs. I do Pagosa Weather as a community service. Hopefully you find us helpful!
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