Winter returns…at least for a couple of days.

Winter is coming

4-10-22 9:30am update…

The low this morning at Stevens Field was 41 degrees, (although most of us had lows below or near freezing) and the high yesterday was 65. There was no precipitation recorded in our area.

My mom and I loved making yearly weather bets in south Texas (she usually won) up until she passed away around 20 years ago. Along with the bets also came her west Texas weather insights from where she grew up on a cotton farm. One of my favorites was “a late Easter means a late cold spell”. Just in case you don’t know why Easter Sunday jumps around dramatically from year to year…let’s review! Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Our next full moon occurs Saturday night, and Easter is on Sunday the 17th. The very latest date that Easter Sunday can fall on is April 25th, which happens if the first full moon actually occurs on the Sunday before Easter. OK…with that trivia behind us, this will be a late Easter and it so happens we will see almost a week of below normal temperatures and a chance for snow. Most likely this is all coincidental, but it is quite interesting that Mom got it right in Colorado this year.

Today and Monday will be partly cloudy, but windy, as we await a strong low-pressure system that will drop from the Pacific NW into Idaho by Monday night. This storm will not only give us a good chance for a rain-snow combo (and a few thunderstorms) on Tuesday, but will also usher in some very cold air for this time of the year, along with continued windy days. While I don’t see much snow for Pagosa Springs, our nearby mountains could see up to a foot or more of snow from Monday night through Tuesday night. I would not be surprised to see advisories and potential warnings issued for Wolf Creek Pass for Monday night and Tuesday. By Wednesday, the moisture will have exited our area, but we will continue to see below normal highs and lows throughout the work week.

The Springs Resort
The Springs Resort is sponsoring our return to winter and the storm!
Screenshot 2022 04 10 085102
A strong low pressure will move into Idaho on Monday night, setting us up with a SW flow and bringing in moisture into our area for Monday night through Tuesday night. The wind speeds in this graphic are upper-level winds and only impact pilots and passengers.
StormTotalSnow GJT
Grand Junction NWS is predicting 0-2 inches of snow for our area from Monday night-Wednesday morning. Most of the snow will fall in the mountains from this storm.
Screenshot 2022 04 10 080441
The latest NWS snow forecast is predicting 10 inches of snow for our nearby mountain, very little for Pagosa Springs and 2 inches for Chama, NM.
Screenshot 2022 04 10 080533
The most important aspect of this week’s storm (in my opinion) will be how much liquid precipitation we end up with. As of this post, the NWS is predicting over an inch of LE for the mountains, a third of an inch for Pagosa Springs and 4 tenths for Chama, NM.

My forecast…

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Pagosa 5 day forecast 4 10 22 1

-Mark Langford

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Pagosa Springs historical data for April 10th.

Average HighRecord High / YearAverage LowRecord Low / Year
5774/ 19072311/ 1991

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