New Sponsor: Peggy Andrews, Independent Broker

Pagosa Weather’s new Snowball sponsor, Peggy has over 20 years of Pagosa experience!

Peggy Andrews Independent Broker has been assisting Sellers and Buyers in the Pagosa Springs, Colorado area for 20 years.   Her motto “I work for YOU” is indicative of her independent status and her commitment to providing personalized service to her clients without having to answer to anyone else.  This allows Peggy to tailor her marketing plan for each listing to the specific property, so the marketing can highlight the unique features of the property.  Peggy is licensed in Colorado and New Mexico.

Peggy has a background in computer science and engineering (B.S. 1978) and utilizes her technical skills in her real estate business. These skills add to her creative nature to produce top quality marketing materials.  She is also able to understand complex issues with properties, land features, surveys and inspections. 

Peggy is committed to Pagosa community service

Peggy served on the Pagosa Springs Area Association of Realtors Board of Directors as a director and as the treasurer for the Association (2013-2019).  She is the task leader for charitable fundraising for the Association and the founder of the Pagosa Springs Realtor’s Community Outreach (PSRCOR), an initiative to support local non-profit organizations and outreach charities. Peggy participates in the Pagosa Outreach Connection organization and assists in the Bucks for Bikes annual program.  She manages the Donations in Escrow program which supports the Scholarships in Escrow Program at the Pagosa Springs High School. She also was instrumental in generating funds for the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program, local chapter, which brings wounded warriors to Pagosa Springs for a fly fishing / healing experience.

Peggy is proud to be a sponsor of Pagosa Weather, and is very grateful for the service they provide to our community.

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Arleen Pro

Arleen Pro

I grew up in Montana where my love of mountains is rooted. I was in the Air Force for 24 years; Weather Observer to Weather Forecaster to Staff Weather Officer all to ensure flight safety. Mission was to brief aircrews on clouds, winds, turbulence, icing, thunderstorms. I served a total of 8 assignments and 4 deployments around the world. After RV traveling full time for 9 years, we found paradise in Pagosa. Here we enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing in spectacular mountains! Plus, we're trying to solve the San Juan weather puzzle! I am an AMS member.
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